Texas Employers for Affordable Medications
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Who We Are

Texas Employers for Affordable Medications (TEAM Rx) is a statewide coalition of employers and health care providers dedicated to ensuring patients – our employees – have access to affordable medications from the venue of their choice.

New Models of Care

Our coalition advocates for innovative models of care like worksite wellness clinics and direct primary care practices that give people convenient access to affordable medications they need to stay healthy and manage illnesses and chronic conditions.


TEAM Rx was formed in direct response to high drug costs, the barriers imposed by inefficient and costly supply chains for pharmaceuticals, and the increasing problem of patients not adhering to their medication regimens.

Innovative Solutions

Many employers have found that making investments in worksite health or direct primary care increases access to preventive care and can lower total health care costs. By emphasizing prevention, wellness, disease management, and patient adherence, we can improve Texans’ health, prevent costly disease, and lower health care costs.

Sign on to House Bill 1622

HB 1622 by Rep. Tom Oliverson modernizes patient access to pharmaceutical treatment by giving Texas physicians needed flexibility to provide medications. It will lower patients’ and employers’ prescription drug costs, it will increase accessibility and convenience for patients, and it will improve patient medication adherence without negatively affecting patient safety.

Member Benefits

Supporters of TEAM Rx will achieve our goals through action in the following areas:

Public Policy

Facilitate public policy development and advocacy efforts that promote employee/patient access to affordable medications.


Strengthen ties and collaborative efforts with employers, health care providers, and other organizations that share common values and goals.


Provide credible data and information to elected officials and the public to improve understanding of our current situation.

Do you agree?

Sign on to HB 1622


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Increasing Patient Access and Adherence to Prescription Drugs in Texas: Physician Provision of Prescription Drug
By Waterloo Research & Consulting

Texas is one of the most restrictive states in the nation when it comes to the ability of physicians to provide their patients prescription medications. Giving physicians more flexibility to provide medications would lower patient’s and employer’s prescription drug costs, be more accessible and convenient for patients and improve patient medication adherence without negatively impacting patient safety.


Support HB 1622: Patient Choice and Price Transparency for Pharmaceuticals

The Texas Employers for Affordable Medications calls on the Texas Legislature to save patients and employers time and money by allowing doctors to provide medications at the point of care.


Bypassing the Middle Man: Should Texas Allow Physician Dispensing?
By Joey Berlin | Texas Medicine | February 2019

Just four states generally don’t allow medication dispensing out of a physician’s office. Texas is one of them.


Texas Employers for Affordable Medications is a coalition organized by the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. For questions and more information, contact TEAM at:

Texas Academy of Family Physicians
12012 Technology Blvd., Ste. 200
Austin, TX 78727
(512) 329-8666

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